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La Jolla Concours d'Elegance

It was another early start on Sunday, after getting  up early for Cars and Coffee, but I had to be there at 5:30AM to be ready to help direct car owners on to the show field at the La Jolla Cove park.  It rained the night before and it looked like all the hard work of chalking out the numbers for the show field was for naught, but it worked out.  Over 160-170 cars and motorcycles on the green!  Some very nice vehicles, including some that don't see the light of day except for these shows.

Alfa Romeo, a look the company's 100 years - AutoWeek Magazine

Alfa Romeo, a look the company's 100 years - AutoWeek Magazine

Best Of France and Italy

I went to the Best of France and Italy show last weekend and had a great time.  It was Italian sensory overload.  We had over 150 Alfas alone and by some accounts there were 400 cars at Woodley Park in Encino.  By far the largest informal car show anywhere.  The atmosphere was one of camraderie and appreciation of all marques without any of the snobbery of judged shows or concours d'elegance outings, not that I don't like those show also, I do, but this one was special.  The cars that were shown were mostly drivers, some more than others, but all fun. Here's my photo album of the show and it is by no means comprehensive.

Volkswagen wants Alfa Romeo, but Fiat doesn't want to sell

Volkswagen wants Alfa Romeo, but Fiat doesn't want to sell I'm not sure what to make of this article. Should Fiat sell Alfa to ensure a better bottom line for the corporation? If past actions are examined, the Italians would rather "die than sell Alfa Romeo to the Germans", they nationalized the company rather than let it go bankrupt. But would the marque flourish if given the infusion of VW marketing and design? Would it become more Germanic in character and less Italian? Has Lamborghini suffered under the VW ownership?

Abarth plans to tune Alfas -

This is interesting news. Fiat's Abarth division will produce some "hot rod" Alfas. I wonder how these will compare to the Autodelta of the old days? Abarth plans to tune Alfas -

Chrysler's Argument for a Deal with Fiat

Still Hopeful

The news about Alfa's return to the US market is still spotty at best and by most accounts is linked to the survival of the US auto industry and the bailout of the industry and Chrysler. The latest news is from NPR relating to Fiat's investment in Chrysler. I didn't realize that FIAT CEO Marchionne was raised and educated in Canada. That gives me hope as he should really have an understanding of the North American market. The little Fiat 500 is a slick little ride and they even have an Abarth model with 160HP!