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How I Celebrated "Drive Your Alfa Day"

It is the 104th anniversary of the founding of A.L.F.A. and "Drive Your Alfa Day" . I took Margherita out with some of her cousins from Maranello on one of my favorite drives here in San Diego County. The driving group was composed of about 7 Ferraris (including a pristine F40), a couple of Corvettes and a couple of Infinitis.  The route was eastbound on SR76 to Palomar mountain, then a 5000' ascent on the South Grade road where my little Alfa kept pace with the 308 QV ahead of me all the way to the top. We went down the East Grade back to 76 and then a stop at Lake Henshaw for a breather. We then headed for more twisty bits on the Mesa Grande.  Came back down through Ramona and down the hill on the famous Highland Valley Rd. for lunch and debrief at BJ's. The sun was out all day, the roads were relatively clear of slow traffic and it was just the most fun I have ever had in my GTV6. When we pulled into the parking lot of BJ's I called my wrench, Erik, and than

Margherita and Her New Shoes

We finally got Margherita into her "new" Stilautos.  I love the look of these wheels.

Tipo 33 Stradale- Hoon Car of the Year

The Tipo 33 Stradale is my all time dream car.  Here's an article on this dream car and its apparent descendant, the beautiful 4C.

Exclusive: the Alfa Romeo 4C draws nearer - BBC Top Gear

Exclusive: the Alfa Romeo 4C draws nearer - BBC Top Gear
Raw video footage of the Alfas at the 2011 Best of France and Italy show in Woodley Park, Encino, CA.

AROCSD at Julian Grape Stomp 2011

We had a really fun day at the grape stomp, sitting in the shade of an apple tree sipping on a variety of reds and whites (Menghini's own Sauvignon Blanc is excellent on a warm day with food).  Meeting new Alfisti and wanna-be's.

BusinessDay - LAUNCH NEWS: Car to get Alfa brand on track

BusinessDay - LAUNCH NEWS: Car to get Alfa brand on track : "1750 TBi Quadrifoglio Verde"

Best Of France and Italy

I went to the Best of France and Italy show last weekend and had a great time.  It was Italian sensory overload.  We had over 150 Alfas alone and by some accounts there were 400 cars at Woodley Park in Encino.  By far the largest informal car show anywhere.  The atmosphere was one of camraderie and appreciation of all marques without any of the snobbery of judged shows or concours d'elegance outings, not that I don't like those show also, I do, but this one was special.  The cars that were shown were mostly drivers, some more than others, but all fun. Here's my photo album of the show and it is by no means comprehensive.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Mosaic | Motorward

Cool artwork composed of thousands of pictures of Alfisti and their Alfas. Alfa Romeo Giulietta Mosaic | Motorward

Jalopnik Garage of Horror Story

This is a story most Alfisti can relate to.  It's not really love/hate, just love and frustration.