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2013 San Marino Motor Classic

We were invited to participate in the third annual San Marino Motor Classic last Sunday at Lacy Park in San Marino, CA.  Ed and Nora and I left San Diego county early on Sunday and an hour and a half later we were pulling up to the park entrance where we were greeted by an army of volunteers and vectored into the park in a very efficient manner.  It took no time at all to get in, get our participant packet and be photographed!  As we drove around the green several volunteers and other workers recognized and gave thumbs up to the Alfas.  Once we were parked in our designated spot, the designated volunteers showed us the VIP tent where the complementary breakfast was available, where the nearest rest rooms were (real rest rooms with working plumbing, no porta-potties!).  It was very well organized and really made us feel special.  Hope we get invited back next year. San Marino Motor Classic Album

The 4C is revealed at Geneva


Eric Rosenau Memorial Car Tour

Participants at the Eric Rosenau Memorial Car Tour on January 20, 2013.

Grand Prix of the United States at Circuit of the Americas

Today was the realization of a lifelong dream, to attend a real live Formula 1 race weekend.  The weather was perfect, the breeze was slightly on the cool side, but warm in the sun.   Traffic was kind of a mess getting the shuttle pickup point in downtown Austin. Parking was available, but not cheap, $20 for all day.  There was a heck of a line when we got the the shuttle depot to go to the Circuit of the Americas, but it moved along, even saw an Alfisti friend from way back, Bernie Z in the line. (We saw Bernie the night before at the Texas Hill Country Alfa Club dinner).  Once we were situated on the bus it was a smooth and relatively fast trip.  When we got to the bus parking area at the COTA, we saw that there was about ¼ to ½ mile walk to the gate.  It's all smooth asphalt, so the walking was easy, just a little more than expected.  One thing that one could not ignore was the sound of the cars that were already on track for Practice 1.  It was just an overwhelming scene