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Still Hopeful

The news about Alfa's return to the US market is still spotty at best and by most accounts is linked to the survival of the US auto industry and the bailout of the industry and Chrysler. The latest news is from NPR relating to Fiat's investment in Chrysler. I didn't realize that FIAT CEO Marchionne was raised and educated in Canada. That gives me hope as he should really have an understanding of the North American market. The little Fiat 500 is a slick little ride and they even have an Abarth model with 160HP!

New US Formula 1 Team?

Well, the hottest rumor in motorsports has been making the rounds on websites and podcasts.  The 2010 F1 season may see a new US based formula 1 team.  Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USF1 has principals Ken Anderson and SpeedTV commentator Peter Windsor.  Hopefully, they have the financial capital to keep it going until they approach the starting line.  The question is who will drive and what engine will they have.

We Got a New Ride!

Yesterday, Jenn and I went out to Drew Hyundai/VW in La Mesa and test drove a Hyundai Genesis and a few hours later, she was driving our brand new Sapphire Blue Pearl Genesis home.  We love it.  It has all the bells and whistles that we wanted, plus some.   The big surprise to me was the Lexicon audio system.  I looked it up and found that Lexicon is a Harmon company, as in Harman/Kardon and the high end home audio systems.  It sounds really, really, really killer!!!  The only accessory that we don't have yet is the iPod connect cable in order to control the iPod from the system console and I'll be getting that this week.